Vip+ is a rank you can get by donating to our server.

What is Vip+?

Vip+ plus is a cool rank that gives you a lot of extra commands.

What commands do i get?

  • Vip+ Name Tag
  • Every Vip Command
  • Herbalism Skill and Ability - Get more hearts from eating bread and get Double Drops on Crops.
  • Taming Skill and Ability - Increases Wolf Damage and Improved Protection for your wolves from Fire, Fall, Explosion and Melee Damage.
  • /ascend , /descend and /Ceil - lets you move up and down through blocks like and /Ceil teleports you to the ceiling
  • /warp set [Name Of Warp] - Able to create warps with

How to donate?

Go on this link and click donate on the right of you page!