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What you get

Vip Name Tag - [Vip]

Every Member and Guest Command

/Kit - Able to "Spawn" Iron Armor, Tools and Archer Items Every Hour At Anytime, Food, Fishing, Farming and Building Equipment Every 30 Mins.

/Compass - Lets you see what direction your facing in from spawn.

/Clear -a - Raid a base but have a full inventory? Use this command to quickly clean out your inventory

/getpos - Shows your Coordinates within our Huge Minecraft World.

/time - shows in-game time to check if its Day or Night.

/whois - shows info about yourself

/ptp [Name] - Lets you Teleport to Party Member's for free and instantly.

Archery Skill and Ability - Able to fire Flaming Arrows and Increase Arrow Damaged.

Herbalism Skill and Ability - Get more hearts from eating bread and get Double Drops on Crops.

Swords Skill and Ability - Increased Sword Damage and the Ability to do Combo Attacks

Taming Skill and Ability - Increases Wolf Damage and Improved Protection for your wolves from Fire, Fall, Explosion and Melee Damage

Have a greater say over how the server is run

Vip Status on the Forum!

Always Able to connect if the server is full!