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Note that this article could contain bias as it was written by IronHoarder.

Roots of TroubleEdit

When IronHoarder was thrown from his position of Owner, he became a very troubled soul. He began plotting his revenge by associating himself with the hacking groups LulzSec and Anonymous, where he learned the trade of Black-Hat hacking. In mid-March 2012, he made DDoS threats against his former server after a ban for hacking, and he did carry out some minor DDoS attacks, but they soon ceased.

The Crisis ElevatesEdit

As IronHoarder had been banned again after appeal, he realised he would need help to exact his revenge on the server. He recruited some trusted players who had been banned or were active but harbored grudges agains the server and the administrators to attack the server with the commonly used LOIC DDoS client. He made verbal threats on the forums against administrators and players, and unkind words spread between the 2 parties. As he had recruited ShawarmaHog, he began planning his assault. ShawarmaHog had also recruited the former owner Terdy10234, who also harbored a grudge against the server. IronHoarder lured the players in by using Social Engineering and other lies of controlling massive botnets and cracking console passwords to the players. To quote the mastermind behind this himself, IronHoarder, "I took advantage of the poor schmuck by lying about controlling a 2,000 computer botnet, which doesn't even exist. I then played on his shock and awe and convinced him to carry out DDoS attacks against the server which lasted several weeks."

Conclusion and FinaleEdit

On May 20, 2012, IronHoarder grew tired of ShawarmaHog's constant desire to take immediate control of the server, so he turned him into administrators. After extenisve questioning, administrators determined that

Chat logs on skype from Shaw to IronHoarder which implicated him in DDoS attacks.

ShawarmaHog was indeed guilty of DDoSing the server and that his local authorities should be contacted. IronHoarder was spared from such because he turned in the culprit and did not actually DDoS the server very much at all. Terdy10234 was alreday banned and didn't play much of a part, and no action was taken against him. After the crisis, IronHoarder's forum account was unbanned and he re-kindled relationships with several former friends of his on the server including ImTheHottest, Squirrel_Council, and Coolnight94. He then complained to several people about, "All the people asking for my 1337 H4X", as he himself said it.

ShawarmaHog has been banned from the server and his authorities contacted.

IronHoarder's ban appeal is pending.