This visual aid from Lmluc99 will make this appear more interesting.

On MinecraftWar you can teleport to warps, your home and request to teleport to players.

To teleport to a player you will need to know the commands below

/tpa [user] - Requests to teleport to the player.

/tpahere [user] - Requests the player to be teleported to you.

/tpaccept - Accepts the latest teleport request.

/tpadeny - Denies the latest teleport request.

The commands below to teleport home requires the rank member or above

/home - Go to your home.

/sethome - Set your home Only works for member and above.

The commands below are for warping to places, anyone can do /warp but to set warps you must be at least be a SVIP or above.

/warp [Name] - Warps to a certain warp.

/setwarp [Name] - Sets a Warp. Only available to SVIP and above.

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