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A spawn grief from Tekkit v2.

After long weeks of the usual business on MinecraftWar, at the time headed by Beast and Hansington, they decided it was time for a change, and that change was TekkitWar, or MinecraftWar Tekkit edition. In the eyes of many moderators and admins who had recently left staff, this was just another turn for the worse.

Tekkit, v1Edit

Upon the release of the new TekkitWar, 4 factions were instituted, each headed by an Admin/Owner. 3 of the factions quickly ganged up on the faction of ImTheColdest and ImTheHottest, with the recently unbanned IronHoarder and shiroiza, a friend of Hott's. The base of their faction was raided several times by the opposing faction, but not before IronHoarder and Hott were able to bribe an enemy faction member into leading them to KOTF's base. It was suspected that admin commands were used to discover the base of Hott 3 times in 3 days. Soon after another raid on their land, IronHoarder threatened not to donate, leading to a conversation between him and Hansington, which led to an idea of McWar reunification under a new banner, which became known as TekkitMetro, a Tekkit RP War server.

Tekkit, v2Edit

TekkitMetro was regarded as a brilliant idea by Hansington and Beast, although concerns about finding a suitable player base quickly arose due to the narrow window of players who fit that category. The building of the large Metro city began, with IronHoarder reinstated as Admin, began the "Ponyville" town, which built up a large supply of ores and mining lasers to fight the city. They discovered a duplication glitch to receive infinite blocks or items. Soon though, tensions rose and several people left staff, including Kesh40, Squirrel_Council, ImTheHottest, and IronHoarder. Before being deopped, Kesh40 placed a nuke in his great creation in the spawn, the replica of the Lucky 38 from Fallout New Vegas. It was mostly destroyed by the blast. After reading over the conversation, Coolnight94 banned and removed from skype IronHoarder, ImTheHottest, and Kesh40. IronHoarder then used his remaining unabned allies to grief the city, as they still had duplicated items and mining lasers, as well as illegal weapons of mass destruction. IronHoarder got into the server with an alternate account and took these screenshots of the damage. The server was shut down and hack threats were made against IronHoarder for his actions.

A New HorizionEdit

Soon after these events, IronHoarder still harbored a desire to re-create old McWar, and so he requested the console access from Cronus97, who not caring anymore, granted it to him. Within 2 days, IronHoarder had brought back the plugins and simple fun of Old Mcwar, which is currently out of commision.

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