SuperVip+ is a rank that you can get by donating to MineCraftWar.

SuperVip+ gives you a lot more cool stuff than the ranks below SuperVip+ Gives you plug-ins that you can use to raid bases, see who raided your base and get them back, Kits a easy way to get iron, tools, food and armor. You can set warps while your raiding a base and come back later!

More cool stuff you can do:

Super Vip+ - $10

  • Super Vip+ Name Tag
  • Every SuperVip Command
  • Unarmed - Increased Damage and Chance to Disarm Enemy Player.
  • Axes - Increase Axe Damage and Chance to Deal Critical Hits.
  • Repair - Ability to Repair Iron and Above Tools and Armour with A Iron Block.
  • Acrobatics - Chance to Roll when Falling to Stop Fall Damage.
  • /bb log and /bb here = lets you see who placed/destroyed what block and when, useful to see who raided your base.
  • //wand and //size - Lets you see how many blocks there are in a certain Region.
  • /warp welcome [name] - Change the welcome message for warp [name].
  • /warp point [name] - to a given warp and that'll orient their compass to that warp.

To donate go to: