Use the Table of Contents to quicly find the item you want to purchase.

                 To purchase an Iron Sword....

                 Ironsword icon32 267 Iron Sword 

                 /shop buy 267 1


Stone icon321 Stone Dirt icon323 Dirt Cobblestone icon324 Cobblestone Woodenplank icon325 Wooden Plank
Sand icon32 12 Sand Gravel icon32 13 Gravel Goldore icon3214 Gold Ore Ironore icon32 15 Iron Ore
Wood icon32 17 Wood Leaves icon32 18 Leaves Glass icon32 20 Glass Lapislazuliblock icon32 22 Lapis Lazuli Block
Sandstone icon32 24 Sandstone Goldblock icon32 41 Gold Block Ironblock icon32 42 Iron Block Stoneslab icon3244 Stone Slab
Sandstoneslab icon32 44:1 Sandstone Slab Woodenslab icon32 44:2 Wooden Slab Cobblestoneslab icon32 44:3 Cobblestone Slab Brick icon32 45 Brick
Mossstone icon32 48 Moss Stone Obsidian icon32 49 Obsidian Netherrack icon32 87 Netherrack Soulsand icon32 88 Soul Sand
Glowstone icon32 89 Glowstone Wool icon32 35 Wool Bookcase icon32 47 Bookcase Woodenstairs icon32 53 Wooden Stairs
Chest icon32 54 Chest Workbench icon32 58 Workbench Furnace icon32 61 Furnace Cobblestonestairs icon32 67 Cobblestone Stairs
Cactus icon32 81 Cactus Pumpkin icon32 86 Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern icon32 91 Jack-O-Lantern

Tools / EquipmentEdit

Stoneshovel icon32 273 Stone Shovel Stonepickaxe icon32 274 Stone Pickaxe Stoneaxe icon32 275 Stone Axe Stonehoe icon32 291 Stone Hoe
Ironshovel icon32 256 Iron Shovel Ironpickaxe icon32 257 Iron Pickaxe Ironaxe icon32 258 Iron Axe Ironhoe icon32 292 Iron Hoe
Goldshovel icon32 284 Gold Shovel Goldpickaxe icon32 285 Gold Pickaxe Goldaxe icon32 286 Gold Axe Goldhoe icon32 294 Gold Hoe
Flintandsteel icon32 259 Flint and Steel Bucket icon32 325 Bucket Compass icon32 345 Compass Fishingrod icon32 346 Fishing Rod
Watch icon32 347 Watch Map icon32 358 Map Shears icon32 359 Shears Torch icon32 50 Torch
Ladder icon32 65 Ladder Fence icon32 85 Fence Stick icon32 280 Stick Sign icon32 323 Sign


Stonesword icon32 272 Stone Sword Ironsword icon32 267 Iron Sword Goldsword icon32 283 Gold Sword Bow icon32 261 Bow

Arrow icon32 262 Arrow


Leatherhelmet icon32 298 Leather Helmet Leatherchestplate icon32 299 Leather chestplate Leatherleggings icon32 300 Leather Leggings Leatherboots icon32 301 Leather Boots
Ironhelmet icon32 306 Iron Helmet Ironchestplate icon32 307 Iron Chestplate Ironleggings icon32 308 Iron Leggings Ironboots icon32 309 Iron Boots
Goldhelmet icon32 314 Gold Helmet Goldchestplate icon32 315 Gold Chestplate Goldleggings icon32 316 Gold Leggings Goldboots icon32 317 Gold Boots


Poweredrail icon32 27 Powered Rail Detectorrail icon32 28 Detector Rail Rails icon32 66 Rails Minecart icon32 328 Minecart

Boat icon32 333 Boat


Dispenser icon32 23 Dispenser Noteblock icon32 25 Note Block Stickypiston icon32 29 Sticky Piston Piston icon32 33 Piston
Redstonetorch icon32 76 Redstone Torch Stonebutton icon32 77 Stone Button Jukebox icon32 84 Jukebox Trapdoor icon32 96 Trapdoor
Woodendoor icon32 324 Wooden Door Irondoor icon32 330 Iron Door Redstonerepeater icon32 356 Redstone Repeater Lever icon32 69 Lever
Stonepressureplate icon32 70 Stone Press Plate Woodenpressureplate icon32 72 Wood Press Plate


Goldapple icon32 322 Gold Apple Apple icon32 260 Apple Bread icon32 297 Bread Cookedporkchop icon32 320 Cooked Porkchop
Cookedfish icon32 350 Cooked Fish Cookie icon32 357 Cookie Cake icon32 354 Cake Mushroomstew icon32 282 Mushroom Stew
Bowl icon32 281 Bowl Brownmushroom icon32 39 Brown Mushroom Redmushroom icon32 40 Red Mushroom Rawfish icon32 349 Raw Fish
Bucketmilk icon32 335 Bucket (Milk) Egg icon32 344 Egg Sugar icon32 353 Sugar Sugarcane icon32 338 Sugar Cane
Wheat icon32 296 Wheat

Minerals / IngotsEdit

Coal icon32 263 Coal Gunpowder icon32 289 Gunpowder Flint icon32 318 Flint Redstonedust icon32 331 Redstone Dust
Clay icon32 337 Clay Glowstonedust icon32 348 Glowstone Dust Ironingot icon32 265 Iron Ingot Goldingot icon32 266 Gold Ingot


Sapling icon32 6 Sapling Web icon32 30 Web Dandelion icon32 37 Dandelion Rose icon32 38 Rose
Seeds icon32 295 Seeds String icon32 287 String Feather icon32 288 Feather Painting icon32 321 Painting
Bucketwater icon32 326 Bucket (Water) Saddle icon32 329 Saddle Snowball icon32 332 Snowball Leather icon32 334 Leather
Claybrick icon32 336 Clay Brick Paper icon32 339 Paper Book icon32 340 Book Slimeball icon32 341 Slime Ball
Inksack icon32 351 Ink Sack Bone icon32 352 Bone Bed icon32 355 Bed


Rosereddye icon32 351:1 Rose Red Dye Cactusgreendye icon32 351:2 Cactus Green Dye Cocabean icon32 351:3 Coca Bean Lapislazuli icon32 351:4 Lapis Lazuli
Purpledye icon32 351:5 Purple Dye Cyandye icon32 351:6 Cyan Dye Lightgraydye icon32 351:7 Light Gray Dye Graydye icon32 351:8 Gray Dye
Pinkdye icon32 351:9 Pink Dye Limedye icon32 351:10 Lime Dye Dandelionyellowdye icon32 351:11 Yellow Dye Lightbluedye icon32 351:12 Light Blue
Magentadye icon32 351:13 Magenta Dye Orangedye icon32 351:14 Orange Dye Bonemeal icon32 351:15 Bone Meal

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