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SDGXOV3RBOSS's past is largely unknown, but in the last month or so, he has been quite active in the PvP scene. He is a Super Vip +. He was a member of Arabia, and was quite loyal to the remaining Arabians after the raid against Arabia by Canada. Soon after Arabia's defeat, SDG3XOV3RBOSS teamed up with IronHoarder, Gavoon, Selim300, and Private_Practice to make the Sweden faction. During his time at Sweden, he helped raid Canada and Latvia at /warp 69. He also helped raid Dawn with help from the spy Selim300. Soon after, their base at /warp redstone was raided, and they moved on to make the Apache faction. Apache hardly lasted a day, but in that time, they were able to raid Fire, Elven, and some other small factions. After Apache's death, SDG3XOV3RBOSS created several new private factions just for him and his in real life friends, such as the Rangers faction at /warp tret. For about a week, IronHoarder and him fought due to the fact that SDG3OV3RBOSS was attempting to lure new players to /warp sandstone, part of the old Rangers base at /warp tret. Soon afterwords however, IronHoarder and SDG3XOV3RBOSS united to fight other people. At this point, he is a lone rover, and he tends to ally with Elven and Macedon. He is potentially still a member of the Rangers, but at a new base location.

He was once a member of Knights of the Fonz but then was expelled for betraying them.

Currently known Allies: IronHoarder, Terdy10234, Probably more, at this point largely unknown.

Current Enemies: None known