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The remains of the Roman base.

The Romans are dead as of September 25, 2011.

The Romans lived and died all in about 2 days. They were recently destroyed by Macedon and Carmel, and their many members thrown out without a faction.


The Romans were created to rival Macedon, a faction created by IronHoarder. They were created on September 24th, whenNOBLEx3 was angry at macedon so createed this faction. The Romans had a base in a currently unknown location, but soon after, they needed more space and moved to a cave where their many members could reside. Their base was discovered by SDG3XOV3RBOSS after Squirrel_Council was kicked from the faction, and he gave away the location of the base, near /warp romans. They were a very rich faction with much diamond and iron. They were raided on the first VIP day by SDG3XOV3RBOSS and IronHoarder. They took down the Romans and lavaed the spawn of the faction. They looted many chests, and gained much from looting. Soon afterwords, IronHoarder announced that the location of the base was at /warp romans2, but that the base was basically devoid of resources. Soon after, lmluc99 said that "Rome had fallen". Soon after, he created the Rebels faction, which is also now dead after being raided by SDG3XOV3RBOSS, Kamunster, and IronHoarder.&nbsp