Rebel flag

Confederate flag!

The Rebels are a group originaly started by ShawarmaHog, then taken over by lmluc99. Under lmluc99, their nether base was invaded by IronHoarder, SDGxOV3RBOSS, and Private_Practice. They managed to fend them off for a while but SDG3xOV3RBOSS found a way to defeat them, setting a warp near the base. SDG3xOV3RBOSS was the only one who could do it, as Private_Practice left the game, and IronHoarder's faction's home was in the base, but was made a death pit. This resulted in Rebels being disbanded. MCwar went down for some time and when it returned, ShawarmaHog started DixieLand again.

The Spaceship

Near Coolnight94's towers, over the river, the remains are still there. The Rebels found a spaceship that used to belong to theawsomes. They then decided to set home there and expanded it. The only problem was that there were spies for LSU and Omega. Omega and LSU were on different sides, so a 3-way battle took place. LSU was kicked out early on, but Omega made their faction's home a lava trap.

Plan B

ShawarmaHog, lmluc99 and soph00 had enough of the spies so they reduced their faction to 3 people.

The Battle of Dixie Land

Their greatest triumph was the Battle of Dixie Land. This was the battle that made Elven and Canada surrender. terdy10234 attempted a lava trap in the Rebel base, Dixie Land, but with quick thinking from ShawarmaHog, and a bold cobblestone blockage of the lava by soph00 and lmluc99, they were out of the trap. They were then accompanied by IronHoarder and the rest of Arabia, and made Elven's Dixie Land placed faction home a death pit. With this, Canada was left for them to deal with. They then caused Canada's Dixie Land placed faction home a death pit too, by suffocating them which cause both of them to lose to the Rebels.

The Revolution

As many have knew, terdy10234 took over ownership, and within a month, ruined the server. They went through 2 worlds and a lot of confusions took place. Rebels' involvement was that they were a long time enemy with terdy10234, and defeated Elven several times. terdy10234 stole people's in-game money by hacking the logs. terdy10234 was then caught TNTing the spawn and the mall, which lead to him being banned on ALL MCBans server. cronus95 and IronHoarder are now the owners, and Coolnight94 is now an admin. Db0ys742 was also banned for being hacked to ownership with the help of terdy10234.


Rebels have grown. A lot. I mean, a lot.


  • Dixie Land
  • Charleston
  • New Orleans
  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • Nashville
  • Denver
  • Albaquerque
  • Memphis
  • Miami
  • Florida Keys
  • Mobile
  • Jackson
  • Disgracelands
  • Trailer Park
  • Guntersville
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Belmont
  • The Ol' Banjo


  • General ShawarmaHog
  • Brigadier lmluc99
  • Colonel meatman33
  • Sergeant-Major mommamia75
  • Admiral blakestickals8
  • Leutenant-Colonel soph00
  • Major DeadDino
  • Captain miner541
  • Captain varunspidey
  • Captain kbizzleable
  • Leutenant-Commander urtottallyright
  • Sergeant Blasto224