Guys, I am going to keep this page, but in fact, we are coming back and have recieved the old world and all of the old settings from NGG and The server should be up the the Halloween weekend! Edit

-IronHoarder, System Administrator

R.I.P Minecraft War.Edit

You were the best server most of us ever had. There was nobody like you, and their shall never be.

Many wars were done upon your surface. Many battles committed. But what we shall remember the most was the freinds we made on this server. The alliances we made. The countless hours we stayed up, trying to find enemy base locations.

NGG, And Squishy, I may not like the fact that you closed down this server. But I know it was for a good reason.


(Feel free to add a good-bye note of sorts below this.)


I grammar nazi'd this. Farewell, and I'll probably never find a pvp server that will be as good as this one.

"Good bye, MCwar, you will be dearly missed. I had a great time here, and am now very sad to hear this is coming to an end. (Great, now I have to go back to either single player or servers with 250 people on it)" :(