2012-11-05 19.54.56

The ruins of the Trailer Park.

On November 5th, 2012, only a day after the return of MinecraftWar, ImTheColdest lead an attack on the Rednecks and their "Trailer Park" base, lead by ShawarmaHog. At the time, MinecraftWar was not "ready" for public use, so it was mainly a staff server.

The Approach

ShawarmaHog had foolishly invited ImTheColdest to Rednecks an hour before the attack. At the time of the attack, ImTheColdest had been in a call with mommamia75, stating he would attack the base "for the lulz". He later returned to the base, with flint and steel, stating it was an accident, however it was too late before ShawarmaHog kicked him from the faction and murdered him.

The Attack

At this point, it was open fire; ShawarmaHog and Mommamia75 repeatedly killed ImTheColdest, who had his home set there. ImTheColdest had no chance until xXL3G1TSK1LLSXx and IronHoarder came online, asking them for help. IronHoarder killed both Mommamia75 and ShawarmaHog, resulting in Mommamia75 leaving Rednecks, and joining ImTheColdest's Delta. ImTheColdest later then declared open fire, telling Iron and L3G1T to destroy the base. This will be forever known as Operation Firestorm.

The Aftermath

After the attack, ShawarmaHog left the staff chat, stating that it was "everyone against him". This resulted in his demotion to Member, however he occaisonally comes online every now and then. IronHoarder's faction, Reich and ImTheColdest's faction are now at open war.
Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 8.01.50 PM

ShawarmaHog's letter of resignation.

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