Member+ is an rank on the server.

To get member+ you have to donate.

What dose it give me?

Member+ is a cheap but helpful rank if you want to survive on the server.

Member+ gives you some commands that are a good way to make a base and live.

With Member+ you get all the Member commands and more!

Full info:

Member+ - $2

  • Member+ Name Tag
  • Every Member Command
  • /Compass - Lets you see what direction your facing in from spawn.
  • /Clear -a - Raid a base but have a full inventory? Use this command to quickly clean out your inventory
  • /getpos - Shows your Coordinates within our Huge Minecraft World.
  • /time - shows in-game time to check if its Day or Night.
  • /whois - shows info about yourselfe

To donate go to: