You can become a member by applying for it on our topic.

Member Bonuses

Every Guest Command

/me - Action Message

myspawn - Sleep in a bed and set your spawn, you spawn here when you die instead of the main spawn

/home set - Set your home so you can teleport to your base

/Money rank - displays your money rank

/Money top - Lists the 5 richest players

/home Invite + /home Uninvite + /home list - Gives people access to teleport to your house and /home list shows the houses you can teleport to

warp sign - Able to use (Not create) Warp Signs

'/f create - Able to create your own faction

Basic Skills Like......

Mining - Quicker At Miner and Double Drops on Ores

Woodcutting - Quicker At Woodcutting and Double Drops on Wood

The Ability to

Mine diamond ore

Hold diamond

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