Macedonian Flag Grunge by think0

For glory! For honor! For iron ingots!

Macedon is a faction led by IronHoarder. It is a remnant of Germany , which was led by Gavoon, who has left the server for now. It is technically the most modern Arabia faction.


Macedon was founded on the premise that Gavoon was leaving the server. IronHoarder decided he needed to

IronHoarder standing near spawn, trolling for people to kill. Reminiscent of Warriors of Africa image.

have a faction that he actually controlled, so he formed Macedon. Macedon is technically still a break off of the original Arabia faction. SDG3OV3RBOSS's Carmel faction is the only other remaining Arabia break-off faction. Soon after forming Macedon admitted NorbertG11, but he betrayed Macedon's old location at /warp salad, which is now a wasteland of lava. When NorbertG11 raided IronHoarder, almost 64 diamonds, and thousands of iron were raided. Currently. Macedon is building power, and has already forced the Romans into submission, destroying their faction. After McWar went down, Macedon disappeared in the ruins as well.