Lmluc99 was first African at his Minecraft war debut, soon, after Africa was raided by, where his enemies were the North Koreans. Shortly after that, Lmluc99 joined The Knights of the Fonz and helped build the Fonz church. After the Knights of the Fonz disbanded, Lmluc99 took a long break from the server. After his long hiatus, he returned to the server only to see it abandoned and new. He hated the changes at first, and jsnell and him had a bare-fist pvp fight for a while. After that, NOBLEx3 started the faction Romans. Lmluc99 was one of the first, and most faithful Romans, eventually taking over the leadership until the faction's ultimate demise. After Rome, Lmluc99 created two new clans, Griefers and Rebels, both overpowered by SDG3xOV3RBOSS and IronHoarder. He briefly joined dark, but left after he found their leadership terrible. He was the leader of the failed rebellion of Canada's against SDG and IronHoarder. He fought an incremental part of the Battle of Coolnight's Towers, leading Canada to the top of the 2nd tower, and bringing them to safety near the boathouse. After that, he disbanded Canada and joined Ireland led by ShawarmaHog, Ireland was betrayed by a spy currently unknown to all, save for SDG. I