Korean flag (actually South Korea)

Korea is a dead faction. Date of death unkown.

Korea, known before as Canada, is a faction founded and lead by marshman58. They are most notable for going to war with Arabia, but then making a truce. However, there are still many members of Canada who refused to leave when Korea was being formed.

(Previous) Members:

Commander/Leader: marshman58

Knight/Second in command: ShawarmaHog

Knight/Luetenant: ACL3

Knight: tutter28

Knight: mcclarke323

Miner: lightburner

Miner: LuckyLuckerton

Miner: svcweb1

Miner: AgentPiePro

Miner: CreeperKiller102

Miner: Kathniss

Miner: Creeper_4921

Miner: hydrogen96

Miner: ian082jc

Miner: hiboby1998

Miner: Jademozz1

Miner: mikecall


As Canada, their home was raided by Runningcat17 and mikekill5435 (both had diamond swords as well as iron and diamond armor), who killed ShawarmaHog and stole a considerable ammount of iron in the process. They have built a new and improved base, as well as 2 new knights. They thought jakesh97 was on their side, until they found out he was a spy for Arabia. Jakesh97, Gavoon, and Suspicious_Tree raided Canada's base and killed ShawarmaHog in the process. Canada declared war on Arabia, as well as aquired many allies. After many events, however, Canada and Arabia had a truce. Canada was then renamed Korea by marshman58. Despite the fact that Korea thought it took all members from Canada into the new faction Korea, this is not true.