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Japan Flag

Although Japan has not been recently active, it has a rich history under the leadership of players like Haribo1202 and Thepecher.


Japan has a deep, old history, like Africa. After it's nether base was discovered and raided, Japan had a hard time recovering, but with the help of old s allies such as Arabia, Japan quickly rose again. With help from James_Moore, Japan raided many bases and put terror into the hearts of many. Pecher designed many amazing bases for the legendary warriors of the Japan faction.

Japan is a legendary faction as it is the first faction that stood up against the 2 main factions in the old world(North Korea and Africa).Japan had grown a reputation of fear and kept killing and raiding many factions. After that Japan had bad luck, as 2 of their bases were found in 1 week.

Japan continues to be a feared faction, and will continue doing so as long as its members stay loyal. Under the leadership of Thepecher they prospered with allies such as Arabia, who trusted them enough to allow them into their base. After Arabia's fall, Japan also began to decline without the strong support of Gavoon and IronHoarder.