Having been owner in the past and a player long before that, IronHoarder has had a long history with MinecraftWar with many ups and downs, Arabia being a high point, and a low point with the recently resolved DDoS Crisis. Although he is currently banned, he continues to upkeep the wiki and is currently appealing his ban.



IronHoarder standing near spawn, trolling for people to kill. Reminiscent of Warriors of Africa image.

IronHoarder was a member of Fire at the beginning of his career on MinecraftWar. He spent about 2 days with Fire and after those days, they were raided, and he left the faction to join Arabia . After joining Arabia , he helped Gavoon and SDG3XOV3RBOSS loot and raid other factions. When Arabia was looted by Canada , he left with other ex-Arabians and made the faction Sweden, which only lasted a short while. After looting Dawn, he and his fellow Ex-Arabians looted Canada and Latvia , destroying their combined base at /warp 69. After Sweden was looted, he joined a faction called Apache, but that faction was looted as well within a day of creation, but in that time Apache and its Ex-Arabian members looted Fire , whom was thought to be dead, and the Elven faction, who had betrayed them in the past when they were Sweden. They also looted the infamous Canadian base at /warp lavabuckets, utterly smashing Canada and causing many members, including Canada's leader to quit the faction. He was also in the Macedon faction, another Arabia break off(Technically from Germany ), with many members including Ndawesome1, Kamunster, NorbertG11, and Squirrel_Council.

Afterwords, he became owner of MinecraftWar for several months, until he was banned for some of his crimes in late January 2012. He later returned to become the great leader of Arabia, which is thriving and seeks to eliminate the FACTO alliance, or make pace. Peace was made between Arabia and FACTO, but soon after IronHoarder was banned. Although he was once owner, he is no longer, and has gone in and out of being banned for the past couple months and played a large role in the DDoS Crisis. He is currently appealing a ban.

Iron (Ore)

IronHoarder has always been a fan of hoarding iron for strategic purpouses.

Personal Allies: Gavoon , Private_Practice, Thepecher

Personal Enemies: None at this time.