To survive in MinecraftWar, money is vital, and for that you must get a job.

To get a job all you have to do is type /jobs, In-game and

and choose the job that is suitable for you.

List of jobs on the server:

Woodcutter, Miner, Farmer, Fishman, Builder, Digger, Predator and Fucker

Predator: Kill mobs for money. You will get a different amount of money dependant on the mob you kill.

Woodcutter: Felling trees will get you money.

Farmer: Farming wheat, sugar canes etc will get you money.

Miner: Mining natural stone and ores gets you money, and a different amount of money dependant on the ore that is mined.

Digger: Digging dirt and sand will get you money.

Fisherman: Get money for fishing.

Builder: Placing blocks will get you money.

Miner:Mine for money