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Haribo looking at the African Warriors Photo

Haribo1202, also known as

"The Contract Killer"

"Guardian Of The Crown Of Africa"

"The Fonz's Head Knight"

Originally based with Kesh40 after Kesh helped Haribo by killing a thief that had stolen all of Haribo's belongings, but after they had been betrayed and griefed they went seperate ways. At this time haribo1202 set

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Haribo's Other Server He Uses When Nowone Is On MCwar

out to the first base he ever made and completley remade it and started up a clan called The Contract Killers, it consisted of a clan of five but it did not last long so haribo joined africa as a recruit after being given contracts to kill people haribo grew bored and became great allys with Endothrax which leaded to him joining rome and spying on Africa but it was not long after rome then surrendered to Africa and both North Korea and Africa made him their most wanted target.

After haribo begged kesh to join back to africa, he gave him one chance to prove his loyalty. He killed Endothrax and Dariusceasar. 'he now has the duty of Guarding the crown of africa which has been damaged but locked away in a tomb.

Main Allys: Kesh40, hansington, minemaster,Frisque,ThePredator1 and more

Sworn Enemys: Skater527, mfswwp2007, NorbertG11, Endothrax, Dariusceasar

He Is Actually Quite A Skilled Builder As Seen Here On His Youtube Channel But He Prefers Building Hidden Bases And Little Outposts Spread Out In Different Places

Haribo's Quotes "Im An Enforcer For Africa, Some May Call Me An Assassin, Call Me What You Want, Im The Contract Killer" "We've Come Along Way But In The End It Was Always Going To End Like This" " I Would Leave Mr Fonz Alone"

Haribo has returned to Africa, under leadership of Kesh40.

My Minecraft World02:04

My Minecraft World.

my minecraft world :)

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