The Knights of the Fonz.

Hansington has had a long career on MinecraftWar, begining with his foundations in the Knights of the Fonz, to him becoming owner in mid-Spring 2012.

Foundations of the KnightsEdit

He originally founded the Knights of the Fonz to oppose the Africans and Romans, the 2 main factions of the day. It soon prospered with members such as Thepecher and Haribo1202. Although Hansington was banned for Xraying, he created a new account and aided the Knights in prospering under The__Fonz, despite the loss of the crown of Africa and the looting of the Stronghold of the Fonz.

Unbanned with New ServerEdit

After the creation of the new McWar, he was unbanned after posting an appeal by IronHoarder. He created the KOTF who had a bumpy relationship with SPQR and Arabia, IronHoarder's main factions of the day. After IronHoarder was banned, he was soon to become owner to replace Coolnight94.


Despite his apparent lack of doing anything, Hansington is actually working on his studies during the summer and cannot be playing the server, which is why TheBeast5282 has been chosen as his temporary successor. This continues to this day.