Mi1 722

I am on FIR3!

Fire is a dead faction as of approximatley September 3, 2011.

Fire, also known sometimes as Fir3, was a faction that has a large, castle-like base at about 1200 X, 450 Z. It was recently raided by Germany, which caused it to fall apart for the last time.


The first members of fire were 123amazing and IronHoarder, but IronHoarder left the faction after it was raided to join Arabia. Soon afterwords, it was presumed dead by Arabians when visiting its far away base. Recently however, the Fire faction was discovered to have rebuilt the same base they had before, and to have formed an alliance with Canada, Latvia, and the Elves. However, the Fire was attacked by Germany, and it caused several members to quit. Soon after this, the last Fire member, 123amazingful, left the Fire faction and disbanded it.