The flag of the Canada Faction

Canada was defeated on September 9, 2011.

Canada was defeated again on September 25, 2011.

Canada used to be a very formidable faction, until Arabia went to war with them, and hunted them to destruction.


Canada was started in early august 2011, by Halo4356. It rapidly gained strength as Halo4356 let anyone in, but this would be Canada's downfall. some of the most known members of Canada were; Halo4356 (leader), Alastor (second in command), Shawarmahog (sergeant), and soph00 (n00b and betrayer). Canda went to war with Arabia because of Jakesh97's betrayal, and that was their last mistake ever. Arabians continued to hunt down Canada until it's destruction. Canada's first major base, a base combined with them and Latvia, was discovered towards then and of August of 2011. It was raided heavily and greifed by ex-Arabians, spesifically led by SDG3XOV3RBOSS, IronHoarder , and Gavoon . After this, former Arabians continued pursuit and survaillance of Canada, until their next base was located, and the raid of that base began. After the Canadian's base at /warp flint was found, Canada went into a rapid decline. By the end of that day, only 9 of the previously 35 members remained. Soon after, the Canadians claimed they would go into hiding and "become legend". However, within the next weekend, Canada was disbanded. In a recent attempt to come back, lmluc99 created a new Canada faction, but within 2 days of creation, SDG3XOV3RBOSS and IronHoarder caused it's demise at /warp canda and /warp canada, however this faction played a very important role in the Battle of Coolnight94's Towers. Canada was once again started in