Saudi Arabia Grungy Flag by think0

The flag of the faithful of Arabia.

Arabia's first death dates to August 20, 2011.

Arabia is currently led by IronHoarder, who upon returnining to the server, wished to revive his greatest faction. Arabia is alive and well, but it has been raided 2 times by it's great foes in the FACTO alliance. IronHoarder has struck back however, raiding the KOTF and USA, while other allies of his raided Africa and Japan. he continues to wadge total war with FACTO, despite his desires for a peace treaty. Arabia was disbanded after a treaty and the second ban of IronHoarder


Arabia is a dead faction, destroyed by the traitor jakeish97 and the Canadians. The Ex-Arabians ended up aiding in the destruction of Canada, Latvia, Fire, Dawn, Dusk, and several others. In Arabia's wake, several factions came about, including Sweden, Apache, Rangers, Germany, and Macedon. Arabia used to be one of the most powerful factions, until its abrubt end at the hands of Canada. It was recreated several times to strike fear into the hearts of players, but never had the same affect as under the leadership of the great Gavoon, who brought honor and wealth to the faction.

The previous members included:

Gavoon Leader

Logurt Co-Leader


Jakesh97 Warrior/Raider

IronHoarder Head Miner

Selim300 Miner

Brenbear Miner

Allies had included: None

Enemies had included: Canada, Latvia, Fire