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The main atrium.

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OK, so I know a lot of you like your little cramped chest rooms hidden away, but there's loads of fun in building a big base. It is better to live in, and will also tend to mean that people are more loyal to your clan as they have a cool place to live. So, first thing your going to want is a large central atrium, like a common room. I would also suggest a theme because it looks cool and makes it a better base to live in. As you can see in my base i've gone for the jungle theme because my faction is called Africa. A list of other things you'll need in your base, or might want, includes:

  • Armoury - Try to keep this as organised as possible.
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    The armoury

  • Kitchen/Crafting Room - Furnaces, crafting tables etc, you might even want to make it look like a proper kitchen like ours.
  • Barracks - It is important to have lots of room for new arrivals, you dont want to be digging out a new room/ hallway at a later date.
  • Enchanting Room - This is vital for giving your faction the edge with enchanted weapons etc.
  • Training Room - These are more for show than anything else, but still look good in a base and can be fun to hold time trials on the assult course.
  • Potion Room - (My personal favourite) I got an idea and went all out on it making my potions room into a full laboratory, complete with redstone testing area. I would advise making these it out of snow if you want them white since wool will burn easily and snow will not and can't be melted. Also a good idea would be to get a few obsidian generators going and line your redstone testing area with obsidian to protect it from
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    East Barracks

    tnt blasts.
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    West Barracks

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    Enchantment Room

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Potions Lab :O

2012-02-18 10.32.47

Clean yo'self fool

2012-02-18 10.32.54

lab :P

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Blast door :P

One other thing thats cool, make yourself a really good room. Heres a few pics of mine so you can get some ideas. BTW hot tubs are always good XD

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Fancy Doorway

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Desks are good room-fillers

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You gotta eat :P

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Got to have a funky bed!

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'Splosion Room!