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Three African Warriors, Looking Over MinecraftWar

Leader - Kesh40

Founder - NGGentertainment

At War with Japan and New Rome

Allied with North Korea

Defeated Rome

History - Africa was formed when NGGentertainment started faction wars on MinecraftWar. The Faction was made around an existing clan called USM . There were 3 branches of USM to begin with, Alpha was led by Kesh40, Bravo led by Krzemus later succeded by Mikekill5435 and Delta led by Nanobrickman.

Altogether USM has helped Africa get over 27 members and formed the spine of Africa . NGGentertainment was made King of Africa to lead them against the Romans and helped create and run Charlie led by NorbertG11.

Rome eventually succumbed to Africa's superior strength and surrended. To give the Africans something else to fight, NGGentertainment left to form North Korea. He left Kesh40 as King of Africa so he could become King of North Korea.

Present - Africa have moved into the largest of caverns and made an African Village. Also Kesh40 and NGGentertainment decided to ally in order to face the uprising of Japan and New Rome.

Current Members -